About CUSTOM membrane filters


With over 30 years of experience, it4ip S.A. is a leader in track-etching technology with knowledge gained through product customization sustained by state-of-the-art research and development activities.



Based on feasibility test results, and after a potential track etching process optimization, we will supply you with test samples suitable:

  • to check membrane efficiency in your applications;
  • to step-by-step further optimize membrane specifications.

After final validation of your proprietary product specifications, large scale manufacturing will be carried out in our clean rooms to supply high quality controlled products accompanied by a certificate of conformity.

Some examples

it4ip custom membranes are currently in use in a wide range of markets.  Thanks to an exquisite control over all its fundamental characteristics (i.e. pore size, distribution and shape), it4ip membranes stand out in applications where accuracy and reliability are critical.

Rare circulating cells recovered from blood filtrationSeparation / Cancer diagnosis

By inserting a membrane whose pore size is carefully chosen, it is possible to selectively allow the desired molecules and proteins to cross the membrane while retaining specific cells, in this case circulating tumoral cells.

A similar approach has been used to screen rare cells and bacteria in biological samples. It has huge potential and very practical implications in the development of reliable and rapid diagnostic techniques or sterility assessment.

Magnified view of the nanochannels produced by track-etching through a membraneFlow control in biosensor

it4ip membranes display well controlled pore shape and dimensions. This feature allows accurate control and modelisation of the rheology at very small scale. As moreover, the length-scale of the pores tend to promote diffusive transport of matter, the membranes can be used to regulate the flux of particles reaching a chosen zone, often the sensitive zone of a sensor.

3D nanowire networkTemplating : molded nanowires for applications in sensors and batteries

it4ip membranes have been used as molds to deposit a range of materials as metals and polymers. The membrane may then be dissolved to obtain nanowires or nanotubes. In the case of filling with translucent material, the optical properties of the membranes can also be significantly altered.

Gold coated membraneEnzymes and proteins immobilization on metal coated membrane 

it4ip gold-coated membranes are the perfect tool to immobilize enzymes and proteines. Metal coatings on electrodes are also used as cathodes when electroplating nanowires and nanotubes. Even a very thin metal coating can significantly modify the optical properties of the membrane.

Check track-etched membrane key features and feel free to tell us more about expected membrane specifications suitable for your applications.


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