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about ipCELLCULTURE membrane filters

Cells on track-etched membrane

Picture from A. des Rieux et al., European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 30 (2007) 380

Highly transparent track-etched membranes with a very smooth glass-like surface.

Available in both polycarbonate (PC) and polyester (PET), these membranes have been specifically developed for cell culture, and to achieve an ideal balance between cell support and interactions between the surrounding and culture media.

Proprietary surface treatments promoting exceptional cellular adhesion, growth and differentiation for a wide variety of cell lines are applied; these proprietary surface treatments enable to reach the surface state best suited for efficient animal cell cultivation, even after a large timespan. New treatments may also be developed according to your specifications.


Ideally suitable as support for cell culture due to their controlled permeability, diffusion of media components to both apical and basolateral cell surfaces.

  • cellstransparent membranes for visualization of live cells by light microscopy (see table here below)
  • translucent membranes with high pore density for transport studies (see table here below)
  • cell culture treated on both sides
  • suitable for gamma sterilization

Cell Culture spécifications

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Our manufacturing facilities are dedicated for controlled and continuous production of ipCELLCULTURE membrane filters in roll format.

  • standard roll width: 30 cm (11.8 inches) and 50 cm (19.7 inches)
  • standard roll length: > 100 m (328 feet)

Other roll widths – down to 10 mm (0.39 inch) – and other roll lengths are available on request.

Slitting facilities are also available : roll membrane can be converted to sheets, discs, squares or other miscellaneous formats.

Cell Culture labelAll our track-etched membrane filters are manufactured and converted in clean rooms and following strict quality assurance procedures to meet customer requirements.

All our products are carefully labelled with the relevant information: product identification, product reference, lot number, format and quantity.

Customized labels can be edited on request.


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